Software Engineering

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培养目标Training goal

It aims to train software engineers, software testers and software project management high level talents meeting the need of home and abroad software industry. 培养适应国内外软件产业需求的软件工程师、软件测试师、软件项目管理高层次人才。

深造与就业方向Further education and employment


The undergraduates could apply the master education for software or other majors.


The graduates are employed by IT enterprises, high-tech industry, research institutes or government agencies, mainly engaged in software development design and management work.  

Core Courses

Software Requirement Engineering软件需求工程

Network and Information Security网络与信息安全

Software Project Management and Organization软件项目组织与管理

Software Testing软件测试

Database System Principles and Implementation数据库系统原理与实行

Business Intelligence商业智能

Object-Oriented Programming and Design面向对象编程与设计

Android Application Development & Programming 安卓应用程序开发与编程

Cloud Computing云计算

NET Programming and Software Networks.NET编程和软件网络

Virtual Reality Technology虚拟现实技术

Formal Engineering Methods for Software Quality Assurance软件质量保证的形式工程方法

Big Data Fundermental大数据基础

Network and distributed computing网络与分布计算

Internet of Things and Embedded Systems物联网与嵌入式系统

Autonomous Driving自动驾驶

Service Oriented Architecture面向服务架构

Agile Software Development敏捷软件开发

Machine Learning机器学习

Probabilistic Graphical Models概率图模型

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