NPU 2022 International Students Admission Q & A

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Q1 2022年招生报名会因为疫情推迟进行吗?

Will the 2022 admission programs be postponed because of COVID-19?

A 不会。2022年所有的项目都在照常推进。

No, all the 2022 admission programs are proceeding normally.


I want to apply for undergraduate/postgraduate program,does NPU have the spring semester intake?


There is no spring semester intake for degree students, only fall semester intake for international students. Non-degree programs can apply for spring semester admission.


What if I cannot register on time because of COVID-19?

A 我校会根据相关政策实时调整报到方式,请关注我们后续通知。

NPU will announce the registration method according to the relevant policies. Please follow up the further notice.


Where I can find the offered programs for international students?


You can visit NPU official website and check the program list from the guide brochures for different levels. Official website http//


Students from which countries are supposed to provide the non-criminal record? And what is the requirement of it?


The requirement may change because of the real-time policies. If the non-criminal record could not be provided temporarily due to any special circumstances, please submit a "Non Criminal Commitment". Applicants should provide the formal non-criminal record as soon as possible. Non-criminal record should be in Chinese or in English, notarized by the local authority and valid for at least 5 months. Translation will be required if the document is written in other languages.


Do I need to post my application documents to the university?


There is no need to post any hard copies to NPU, all the applications should be processed online. Applicants only need to fill in the online application and upload the required documents in NPU system (http// NPU only accepts online applications. Paper documents application will not be processed.


What is the procedure of interview?


Interview will be conducted online or on-site. The location for on-site interview will be at Youyi campus. For online applicants, the interview will be held on Skype/ZOOM/Tencent Meeting. After the school review, admission office/academic schools will announce the interview details through email.


I'm still studying and will graduate around June 2022. Can I apply for NPU by using the hope certificate?


Yes. If you haven't graduated from the previous high school/university/college, you can provide the hope certificate (pre-graduation certificate) officially issued by your current high school/university/college. The pre-graduation certificate must contain the certain date of graduation.


My previous study was taught in English and I have the English certificate issued by my previous university/school. Can I use it to replace the language proficiency?

A 不可以。我校不接受学校开具的英语水平证明,学生必须提供有效的符合入学要求的雅思,托福,GRE,PTE学术考试,剑桥国际A LEVEL英语或者多领国考试成绩。

No, we do not accept any English certificate issued by university/school. Applicants must to provide one of the results which includes IELTS, TOFEL, GRE, PTE or A-level (English subject) or Duolingo. We strongly recommend Duolingo test,which is  affordable and time saving.

For more information regarding Duolingo test, please refer to https//


How can I know that my application fee receipt has been submitted.


If the application fee paid successfully, there will be page prompt. And NPU will verify your payment within 3 working days, then you can click 'submit' application.


When can I go to China?

A 目前学习签证尚未开放申请,请耐心等待通知。

Currently the application for study visa is not open. Please wait for the notice.


How to pay the initial fee? Will the initial fee be refunded? Where I can find the information of NPU bank account ?

A:请登录NPU申请系统,点击“Deposit Payment”,可选择在线支付(银联/VISA)或者凭据支付,凭据支付需去当地银行办理并上传转账凭证,学校账户信息请查看 http//。预注册费支付成功后,会在你到校后3个月内返还。

Login to the NPU application system, click Deposit Payment, there will be two optionsone is online payment (support Union-pay or VISA credit card) the other one iswire transfer. Applicants need to keep the transfer receipt and upload it to the application system. To find the information of NPU bank account, please check it on our brochure http// If the initial fee paid successfully, it will be refunded around three months upon your arrival at NPU.

Q13 预注册费的收据在哪提交?

Where to submit the initial fee receipt?


Please choose the ‘Bank transfer’ to submit your initial fee payment.

Q14 为什么要缴纳预注册费?

What is the purpose of the initial fee?


In order to guarantee the enrollment rate, we will require the initial fee for all the degree program candidates. The initial fee will be fully refunded around three months after your arrival at NPU and finish the registration.


Which delivery will be used to mail the admission documents?


We use EMS in China, and use DHL/EMS for overseas mail.


The official language of our country is English. Why do i need to provide the English proficiency? How to define the native English speaking country?




Applicants (native English speakers) from the following countries are exempted from the English proficiency certificate:

Antigua and Barbuda, Australia, Bahamas, Ireland, Barbados, Belize City, Canada, Dominica, Grenada, Saint Lucia, Saint Vincent and the Grenadines , Guyana, Jamaica, New Zealand, The Federation of Saint Kitts and Nevis, Trinidad and Tobago, the United Kingdom and the United States. To know more details https//


Deadline is coming soon,I haven't provide all the required documents, is it possible to submit later?

A 所有申请要求提供的文件均需在申请截止日期前提交,否则申请将不被处理。请提前准备申请所需的文件。

All required documents need to be uploaded to the online application system before the deadline, otherwise your application will not be processed. Please prepared documents in advance.


Can Application fee be waived?


We require 600 CNY for completion of the application and it is non-refundable. Considering the impact of the global epidemic, NPU implements a policy of exemption of application fees for some personnel. One of the ways is to participate in the live streaming of the admissions promotion organized by NPU. During the live streaming, we will specifically explain the way of exempting the application fee.

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