Computer Science and Technology

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The specialty of computer science and technology belongs to information technology. It aims to cultivate students with systematic theory, knowledge, and techniques of computer hardware, software, and application. The graduate students can conduct computer education, scientific research and application in research institutes, education colleges, companies.The program is designed to provide a thorough grounding in the theoretical principles, basic knowledge and skills for computer science and engineering. The students are educated to be innovative and with international view. The graduate students will be competitive in computer science and engineering related areas with the features of interdisciplinary, innovation, and leadership.

核心课程Core Courses

数字逻辑设计(英)Digital Logic Design

数字逻辑设计实验(英) Digital Logic Design Experiment

算法设计与分析 (英)Algorithm design and analysis

算法设计与分析实验(英)Algorithm design and analysis Experiment

面向对象程序设计(英)Object Oriented Programming

面向对象程序设计实验(英)Object Oriented Programming Experiment

计算机组成与系统结构(英)Computer Organization and Architecture

计算机操作系统(英) Computer Operating System

编译原理(英) Compiling Principle

数据库原理(英)Database Concepts

数据库原理实验(英) Database Concepts Experiment

计算机网络原理(英) Principle of Computer Network

Career Possibilities (Work or higher education)

Higher education:After graduation, undergraduate international students can choose to continue to complete their master's or doctor’s studies in our college.We have two first-level disciplines of Computer Science and Technology and Software Engineering recruiting and cultivating graduate students. The research directions include Microarchitecture and Integration Technology, Intelligent Sensor SoC, Networked Embedded Computing, Mass Data Storage and Management, Visual and Auditory Information Cognition and Intelligent Computing, Computer Measurement and Simulation, Network Information System Security and Evaluation, etc.

Work: Students can choose to find a job in China or back to their country based on their own interests.

Last:Business Administration


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