International Economics and Trade

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The undergraduate major of international economics and trade and the master of applied economics major (industrial economics, regional economics, national defense economics, etc.) have three major advantages.

 (1) Historical prestige advantage. The undergraduate major of International Economics and Trade was opened in 1993, and the Master of Economics started enrolling in 1995. In 2011, the major was granted the right to confer a degree in a first-level discipline. Both  have a relatively long history of development. Thousands of outstanding graduates have been cultivated for decades. According to a survey of graduates’ evaluations of their alma mater released by authoritative departments, the rate of praise of the college and professional teaching by international economics and trade graduates ranks first in NPU. 

(2) Advantages of teachers. More than 85% of professional teachers have doctoral degrees, and more than 90% of professional teachers have overseas study and exchange experience. These professional teachers have a keen insight into the frontiers of professional development and can guide students to obtain higher and greater professional development space. 

(3) Advantages of flexible school system. Under the full credit system, undergraduate students do not need to complete four years of university to obtain a degree. As long as the minimum credits required by the major are completed, students can obtain a bachelor's degree. Among the graduates in the past few years, some students have obtained a bachelor's degree in international economics and trade from NPU in just 3 years.

Core Courses

国际贸易学 International Trade

国际贸易实务International Trade Practice

世界经济 The World Economy

中国对外贸易 China's Foreign Trade

服务贸易 Trade in Services

电子商务 E-Commence

国际商务 International Business

国际经贸学科前沿系列讲座 Discipline Frontier Lecture Series

International economics and trade/Applied economics

(1) Business training (2) Understanding internship (3) Professional internship (4) Metalworking internship (5) Foreign trade correspondence training (6) Accounting training (7) Management training and technology trade simulation experiment (7) Financial training (8) E-commerce training (9) International Economics and Trade English (10) Document retrieval and paper writing training

International economics and trade/Applied economics:

Some students enter the business sector, financial companies, foreign-related companies, joint ventures, large-scale industrial and commercial trading companies or enterprises, including Fortune 500 companies, to engage in trade economics, finance, and management. Some students continue to study for master's and doctoral degrees in famous universities at home and abroad.

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