2020 Online Chinese Language Courses

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About Xi`an

Xi'an, where Innovation meets ancient history.

Historically, Xi'an was China's window to the world through the Silk Road, playing a core role in international trade between China and far flung cultures. 

Today, the city reflects this remarkable international history as a fast-growing trade, hi-tech, and commerce hub in northwestern China.

The online Chinese learning program at NPU will bring you to the historic city of Xi'an.

Program Advantages

Ι. Learn authentic Chinese language at anytime,anywhere.

ü Our schedule can meet the time zone of most countries;

ü Small-sized class with 3-5 or 5-10 students;

ü Equipped with experienced teachers and academic staffs;

ü Record classes synchronously to help you review or self-study;

ü Two free make-up lessons for every student, which can be used after missing classes.

ü Students who get "Excellent" in final exam will receive a letter of recommendation during applying for universities in China.

II.Explore ancient city by “Online-tour of Xi`an” (Course)

Teachers will broadcast the local scenic spots or real life scenes via mobile devices based on the topic .

v Xi'an Ancient City Wall

v Local Food Street

v Traditional Market

III.Practice in the real exam situation. Course

Ø Rich learning resources

Ø Feeling the real test in mock tests

Ø Personal language ability analysis

Course Introduction

CourseⅠ:Master Survival Chinese within 50 lessons

Entry Requirements

Zero-based Starters of Chinese

Course Contents

1. Pronunciation and tones

2. Useful words and Sentence patterns

3. Practical dialogues

4. Daily topics

5. Chinese culture and Communication   culture



1.Read phonetic accurately and have   certain listening ability

2.Master the writing methods of some useful   Chinese characters and vocabularies

3.Speak complete and coherent sentences   as required, and complete simple dialogues

4.Completing some daily communication   tasks independently

*Teaching ChaptersFor reference only




Online-tour of Xi`an



Communication culture in China

One day in Xi`an



Ask one`s name

Get a Chinese name

Meet my friend

Introduce someone

Date of birth

Chinese 12 Zodiac

Introduce my family


About Daily Routines

Ask about time

Spring Festival

Let`s go to City Wall

Ask about address


Ask for directions




Go shopping

Mobile payment in China

Shopping in Traditional Market


Order dishes

Table manners in China

Enjoy Local Food Street

Course : HSK4 Examination guidance

Entry Requirements

Already passed HSK3

Course Contents

1. Test Introduction

2. Vocabulary study

3. Listening、ReadingWriting ability

4. Mock test and analysis

Teaching Aims

1. Have a clear understanding of the examination settings and   question structures

2. Grasp the solution ideas and methods of each module

3. Master certain test-taking skills and exam strategies

*Course CatalogFor reference only



Test Introduction

Test arrangement

Test paper structure

Vocabulary Study

Contrastive analysis

Extended application

Test Model Analysis

Question Types

Problem solving skills

Examination skills

Practice   and Test

Previous tests questions

Mock test

Analysis of test questions

Program Arrangements

Class Hour

40 min/lesson , 3 lessons/week , about 17weeks in total

Class Time

Recommend Time(* Beijing Time):

8:00-10:00 10:00-12:00 14:00-16:00 16:00-18:00

*The final schedule can be adjusted according to students' situation.

Application Procedures

1.Please download and fill the Information Form of this program from below

2.Send your Form  to ex.ifp@nwpu.edu.cn

3.After the registration is completed, the class will start after reaching the minimum number of students.

Related Costs

Application   Fee


Normal Class

RMB 3500/person(6-10 studentsRMB 70/Lesson

Mini Class

RMB 4500/person(3-5 studentsRMB 90/Lesson

Contact Information

Admission Office, International College of NPU

Address:Northwestern Polytechnical University, 127 Youyi Xilu,Xian,P.R.China.710072

E-mail: ex.ifp@nwpu.edu.cn

Tel: 86-29-88494391 


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