Optoelectronic Information Science and Engineering(Chinese)-School of Physical Science and Technology

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Optoelectronic Information Science and Engineering

学院 School:物理科学与技术学院 School of Physical Science and Technology



The introduction of Major


Optoelectronic Information Science and Engineering was established in 2000 as a characteristic major of Shaanxi Province. Now, it has formed a complete talent training system from undergraduate, master and doctor in the field of optoelectronic information Science and engineering. In 2019, it was approved as the Construction point of "First-class Undergraduate Major" in Shaanxi Province, and in 2020, it was approved as the construction point of "First-class Undergraduate Major" at national level. This professional relying on the superior conditions of material physics and chemistry of Ministry of Education key laboratory, field control and information perception of industry and information technology, key laboratory and shaanxi province key laboratory of optical information technology, has a teaching including the Ministry of Education, national excellent teaching masters committee, the provincial youth fund gainer, the high level of teaching staff, the existing full-time staff 36 people, Among them, there are 13 professors, 17 associate professors and 1 associate researcher. This specialty mainly study to light as a carrier of information transmission, acquisition and processing of science principle, implementation technique and application system, foster a solid theoretical foundation for physics, systematically master the basic theory of optical information science and engineering, technology and skills, and strong mathematics, foreign language and computer application ability of top creative talents.


Core Courses

激光原理与技术 Laser principle and Technology

半导体光电子器件(英)Semiconductor optoelectronic devices (UK)

光电技术 Optoelectronic technology

光波技术 Light wave technology

信息光学 Information optics

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