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学院 School:生命学院 School of Life Sciences



The introduction of Major

生物技术专业侧重于应用基础研究和应用技术开发,是将基础理论成果转化为具有应用价值的技术和产品的枢纽与桥梁。西北工业大学生物技术专业依托生命学院开展学生培养工作。 本专业现有专任教师69人,包括教授15名,副教授30名。本专业主要面向国民经济和国防领域重大需求,培养掌握扎实的生命科学基本知识、基础理论和专业实践技能,熟悉生物科学和技术学科的发展现状、未来发展趋势及其在生产实践中的应用,了解生物科学和技术学科在航空航天航海领域交叉应用的领军人才。本专业依托的教学科研平台包括:工业和信息化部“空间生物实验模拟技术国防重点学科实验室”、 “陕西省生命科学实验教学示范中心”、“陕西省柔性电子与健康科学国际联合研究中心”、西安市“特种医学与健康工程重点实验室”等。    另外,学校和学院与美国、加拿大、德国和日本等多所高校签署了学生交流协议,可以为生物技术全英文专业本科生提供国际交流学习机会.

Biotechnology focuses on applied basic research and applied technology development. It is the hub and bridge to transform basic theoretical achievements into technologies and products with application value. The biotechnology major of Northwestern Polytechnical University relies on the School of Life Sciences to carry out student training. There are 69 full-time teachers in this major, including 15 professors and 30 associate professors. This major mainly aims at the major needs in the field of national economy and national defense, cultivates and grasps solid basic knowledge of basic theory and professional practical skills of life science, and is familiar with the development status of bioscience and technology, future development trend and its application in production practice, leading talents who understand the cross application of bioscience and technology in the field of aerospace and navigation. The teaching and scientific research platforms supported by this major include "national defense key discipline laboratory of space biological experiment simulation technology" of the Ministry of industry and information technology "," Shaanxi life science experiment teaching demonstration center "," Shaanxi international joint research center of flexible electronics and health science ", Xi'an" Key Laboratory of special medicine and health engineering ", etc. In addition, the University and department have signed student exchange agreements with many universities in the United States, Canada, Germany and Japan, which can provide international exchange and learning opportunities for all English Majors of biotechnology.


Core Courses

生物物理学(英)Biophysics (English)

干细胞生物学(英)Stem Cell Biology(English)

生理学(英) Physiology (English)

分子生物学(英)Molecular Biology (English)

生物技术(英)Biotechnology (English)

生物信息学(英)Bioinformatics (English)

分子生物学实验(英)Molecular Biology Experiment (English)

发酵工程 Fermentation Engineering

生物信息学 Bioinformatics

基因工程 Genetic Engineering

合成生物学 Synthetic Biology

蛋白质与酶工程 Protein and Enzyme Engineering

免疫学 Immunology

细胞工程 Cell Engineering

生化分离与分析技术 Biochemical Separation and Analysis Technology

生物工程综合实验 Bioengineering Comprehensive Experiment

生物物理学 Biophysics


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