Electronics and Information Enginnering(English/Chinese)-School of Electronics and Information

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Electronics and Information Enginnering

学院 School:电子信息学院 School of Electronics and Information

授课语言Medium:英文English/中文 Chinese


The introduction of Major


The electronic information engineering specialty is developed from radar specialty established in 1958 for many years. It belongs to the key construction specialty of the former Commission of science, technology, and industry for national defense, Shaanxi's famous brand specialty, and international talent training pilot specialty. It mainly studies the acquisition and processing of information, the design, development, application, and integration of electronic equipment and information systems. It integrates modern electronic technology, information technology Communication technology, and computer technology. Based on the all-English curriculum system, electronic information engineering (international class) trains senior electronic engineering technical talents and international talents in electronic information engineering with a solid theoretical foundation, strong engineering practice ability, wide adaptability, and high professional quality in the field of electronic information. Graduates will be able to engage in research and development in the field of electronic and information engineering at home and abroad, It covers the fields of electronic and information equipment and systems, signal and information acquisition, transmission and processing, automatic control, communication, microelectronic systems, computer applications, RF and microwave technology, etc.


Core Courses

信号与系统(英) Signal and system

信号与系统实验(英) Signal and system experiment

模拟电子技术基础(英) Fundamentals of Analog Electronic Technology

模拟电子技术基础实验(英) Experiments of Analog Electronic Technology

数字电子技术基础(英) Fundamentals of digital electronic technology

数字电子技术基础实验(英) Experiments of digital electronic technology

数理方程与特殊函数(英) Mathematical equations and special functions

计算方法(英) Computing Method

高频电子线路(英) High frequency electronic circuit

数字信号处理(英) Digital Signal Processing

电磁场与电磁波(英) Electromagnetic Field and Electromagnetic Wave

通信原理(英) Communication Principle

微波技术与天线(英) Microwave Technology and Antenna

机械制图(英) Mechanical drawing

复变函数与积分变换(英) Complex Function and Integral Transformation

电路基础I(英) Basic Circuit I

电路基础I实验(英) Experiments of Basic Circuit I


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