Materials Science and Engineering(English/Chinese)-School of Materials Science and Engineering

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Materials Science and Engineering

学院 School:材料学院 School of Materials Science and Engineering

授课语言Medium:英文/中文 English/Chinese


The introduction of Major


The major of Material Science and Engineering focuses on metal materials, inorganic non-metallic materials, nano materials. After entering the school, regardless of the professional direction, students should cultivate and study general education courses and comprehensive literacy courses, and then choose to study in the professional direction according to their personal interests, professional will and academic achievements. After meeting the credit requirements, students will obtain a Bachelor of Engineering Degree.


Core Courses

️材料热力学 Material Thermodynamics

材料学基础 Fundamentals of Materials Science

材料的力学性能 Mechanical Properties of Materials

材料的物理性能 Physical properties of Materials

现在分析及测试方法 Modern Analysis and Test Methods


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