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Local delicacies of Xi'an

Roujiamo (Meat burger)

As an intangible cultural heritage, it perfectly combines two kinds of food - the baijibun and sauced braised pork. The bread is crispy, and the pork is tasty and not greasy though fatty. Therefore, it is referred to as the Chinese burger.

Liangpi (Cold noodles)

It is made in a fairly dedicated process, where each step is unique and characteristic from the selection of rice and grinding to mixture and steam, featuring such traits as high chewiness, thinness, smoothness, etc. Cold noodles are as red and shining as fire, fragrant, sour-and-hot flavored, tasty and refreshing, whilst the addition of bean sprouts and celery gives it both the yellow and green colors. It has been the most renowned delicacy over the past a hundred years in the central Shaanxi plain. Just a bite will never make you forget it throughout your life.

Yangrou paomo (Pita bread soaked in lamb soup)

Called soaked pita bread for short, it is delicately cooked and strongly seasoned with rich flavor. The lamb is soft, and the soup is rich, which is fatty yet not greasy, nutritious, fragrant, attractive, and appetitive, with endless aftertastes.

Biangbiang noodles (Stewed-pork hand-ripped noodles)

It is a kind of traditional flavored noodle, known for the sound (Biang) chefs make when they pull the dough into noodles and bang them against the table. In the cooking process, the flour from thewheat planted in the central Shaanxi plain is processed to form long, fat, and thick noodles. The noodle soup is seasoned with soy sauce, vinegar, monosodium glutamate, the Sichuan pepper, etc. After the noodle is poured into the soup, pour hot vegetable oil.

Rouwan hulatang (Vegetable stew with lamb/beef ball)

It is a characteristic breakfast dish among Xi'an people, made of the chewy beef ball, Chinese cabbage, potato pieces, cauliflower, carrots pieces, agaric, etc., which is nutritious and restorative and makes you less hungry.

Xiangsu niuroubing (Crispy fried beef patty)

It is also referred to as the "multi-layer beef patty", enjoying the history of over 1200 years.It has a golden color and tastes crispy outside, tender inside, and oily yet not greasy, which is characteristic in flavor and known for its fragrance. More importantly, its cooking process is very attractive - the crust is as thin as a piece of paper, and the meat stuffing is plenty as well as tasty. Particularly, when the patty is about to be cooked, the mouthwatering smells are more accessible to people. Thus, the patty is good-looking, fragrant, and tasty.


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