CSC Youth of Excellence Scheme of China Program-International Public Administration and Management

Program Introduction:

In order to train global governance talents with a broad international perspective, superior comprehensive quality, outstanding leadership and multicultural background, China Scholarship Council implements the Youth of Excellence Scheme of China Program.

As a sub-project of the Youth of Excellence Scheme of China Program, NPU "The Belt and Road" Master's Program in International Public Administration and Management relies on the strong science and engineering foundation and the strategic positioning of serving the local government. Through carrying out study on government reform and innovation, systematic learning and professional training, students will effectively master relevant theoretical knowledge and research methods of public administration and management, have integrative ability to engage in public management and public policy analysis, and comprehensively use the knowledge and research methods of management, politics, economy, law, modern science and technology to solve practical problems in public management, and experience the practice of modernization of China's national governance system and governance capacity.

Form of the Program:

1.Program level: Master

2.Teaching language: English

3.Cultivation mode and study period:

Study period is 1 + 1 year. In the first year, students will complete their full-time course study and research work in Northwestern Polytechnical University, and also prepare their dissertations. In the second year, they will return to their home countries to complete their dissertations in accordance with their own work practice, and defend their dissertations in China in accordance with the requirements of NPU. Students who pass the final defence will be rewarded with the Masters degree.

4.Scholarship coverage: Full Scholarship

Admission Requirements

1.The applicants shall be non-Chinese citizens with valid passports and be under the age of 35 before September 1st, 2024. Good physical and mental health is needed (no infectious disease, no physical or mental disease that may affect study).

2.Applicants should hold a bachelor's degree with at least 3 years working experience. Applicants with study or work background related to the applied program are preferred.

3.Applicants’ English language proficiency should meet the application and admission criteria.

4.Applicants should be in one of the following four categories:

(1)Government employee at director level (or corresponding level) in the applicant’s own country;

(2)Senior managers of institutions and enterprises;

(3)Administrative staff of universities and scientific research institutions;

(4)Applicants with international organization working or internship experience.

5.Applicants should have a pre-admission notice from Northwestern Polytechnical University before submitting application in CSC online system.

Application Documents

1. A clearly scanned copy of the personal information page on the valid passport;

2. A scanned copy of the Bachelor's degree certificates;

3. A scanned copy of the academic transcript for the Bachelor degree;

4. Two ‘Recommendation Letters’;

5. Certificate of Employment;

6. Study plan for Master degree program;

7. Notarized copies of other awards or academic achievements (if any);

8. Physical Examination Certificate based on the prescribed format within the last 6 months.

Documents should be in English / Chinese or supplemented by notarized English / Chinese translations.

Application Procedure

1. Complete online application on NPU application system.

Please create an account and log in the NPU online application portal ( to complete the application before March 15th, 2024 with all the required documents. Please also send a confirmation email with the subject “Youth of Excellence Scheme of China Program”to The email content needs to have the applicant’s name, working organization, title, and phone number.

2. Complete online application in CSC application system.

Please create an account and log in the CSC application system ( before April 7th, 2024 to submit the application with all the required documents and information.. Please select Type A when you choose the scholarship type. The institution code is 1563. The program name is “Youth of Excellence Scheme of China”.

Material review and admission

1. NPU will review the authenticity of materials and arrange the interview for applicants. For applicants who can pass the interview, NPU will issue pre-admission notices to support their CSC application.

2. The first review of the application materials will be carried out by the China Scholarship Council on the CSC system.

3. The China Scholarship Council will organize experts to review. The final admission results will be announced after the expert review.

Application Timetable


Time line


Detailed information


Before March 15th, 2024

Application preparation

Prepare application materials according to NPU’s requirements. NPU issues the pre-admission notice.


Before April 7th, 2024

Online application

Log into the CSC application system ( to submit your application.


May 2024

Materials review

China Scholarship Council organizes experts to review materials and decide the admission result.


June 2024

Result announcement

Announce the admission result. Mail Admission Documents.


June-August 2024

Visa documents processing

Admitted students should go to Chinese embassies (consulates) abroad to apply for study (X1) visa and get ready for study at NPU.


September 2024

Registration at NPU

Admitted students complete their registrations at NPU and apply for resident permit.


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