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School Introduction

Established in 2007,theInternational College ofNorthwestern Polytechnical University (NPU) is the centralized management unit for the educational management of international students in NPU. At present, the College has 30 teaching and administrative staffs and 5 departments and offices, namely, Office of Faculty Affairs, Admissions office, International Students Office, Educational Affairs Office and Chinese Language Center. Responsibilities of the College include: to prepare the development planning and rules & regulations for educational affairs of international students in NPU; carry out the admission & enrollment and project development of international students; conduct the passport & visa handling and daily management of international students; coordinate the educational affairs of academic international students; and organize teaching of courses such asChinese Language andChina's Profile for international students in NPU.

In 1996, NPU began to provide the education for international students. Although NPU is a late starter, its education business of international students have been steadily advancing in every respect, under the grand background of internationalization of higher education, with reference to the successful experiences of education on international students of all countries worldwide, and under the supreme concern and full support of NPU. In 2007, NPU officially established the International College. Since then, its education business of international students has entered a new stage of comprehensive and fast development: in 2007, NPU was granted to become one of Chinese Institutions Admitting International Students Under Chinese Government Scholarship Programs; in 2008, NPU was granted to become one of Independent Recruitment Chinese Institutes Admitting International Students Under Chinese Government Scholarship Programs; in 2010, NPU successfully declared the national-level educational reform pilot projects of cultivating Chinese and foreign students by adopting "Yi Jing Si Tong" concept (building up an overall environment (Yi Jing) and enabling Chinese and foreign students to learn under one same roof, to be evaluated by the same system, to conduct research together and to enjoy campus activities as a whole (Si Tong)); in 2014, NPU was awarded as an advanced educational collective of international students; in 2014, the total number of international students in NPU broken through 1000 students for the first time; in 2019, the total number of international students in NPU reached 2267, hitting a record high.

International College has always been committed to train the excellent international talents who have outstanding capacities in terms of the academic and disciplinary level, knowledge & understanding of China, and cross-cultural & global competencies by strictly in accordance with the guideline of Ministry of Education - "Expanding the Scale, Optimizing the Structure, Standardizing Administration and Guaranteeing Quality". More and more international students have actively participated in various activities such as classroom teaching, topic research, and cultural exchange, which has become a significant force during the internationalized process of NPU and has also made the outstanding contributions for the spreading of Chinese cultures and improvement of China's soft power.

International College, NPU warmly welcomes all international students from all countries worldwide for further study.


Address: Room 718, Yizi Building, International College, Northwestern Polytechnical University, 127 Youyi Xilu, Beilin District, Xi’an, Shaanxi, China, 710072


Admission: +86-(29) 88494381

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International student office: +86-(29) 88495735

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