President Wang Jingsong Participates in the Inaugural Meeting of University Group of MIIT and the 2017 Summit Forum on Education Development of the MIIT Universities

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The Inaugural Meeting of G7, namely, the University Group of MIIT (Ministry of Industry and Information Technology) and the 2017 Summit Forum on Education Development of the Universities Subordinated to MIIT were held in Harbin from June 23rd to 24th. Together with the personnel from the School Office, Office of Development and Planning, Office of Teaching Affairs, Office of Sate-owned Property, Office of Disciplinary Construction, President Wang Jingsong, and Deputy Secretary of the School Party Committee, ZhangJun, participated in the above meeting and forum.
The establishment of G7 symbolizes a new phase of coordinated development among the MIIT universities, which will surely promote the overall school- running level of these universities. The universities of MIIT shall strive to make the following achievements in the endeavor of building first-rate universities and first-rate disciplines in the world:
Firstly, they shall stick to a unique development, highlighting and strengthening their prominent features.
Secondly, they shall fortify their foundations and overcome their weaknesses in order to adhere to the principle of substantial development.
Thirdly, they shall continue to adopt the policies of introducing and cultivating talents to build a first-rate teaching staff.
Fourthly, they shall fully stimulate the school’s overall school-running vigour and the enthusiasm of the teachers and the students, resorting to deepening reforms.


Finally, they shall enhance the building of the Party in an all-around way and take on the responsibilities of policing the party and running the school.


In the Summit Forum on Education Development of MIIT Universities, the representatives from the 7 MIIT universities delivered keynote reports respectively. President Wang, based on his own research and reflections, made a speech entitled “Reflections on in the Double First-rate Endeavor of MIIT Universities”. Wang Jingsong pointed out that, building first-rate universities and disciplines in the world should turn back to the essence of university, and dialectically handle the "connections" in the following aspects: Firstly, in the orientation of talent cultivation, the connection between sector demand and leading the future society should be properly treated. Secondly, in the orientation of scientific research value, the connection between undertaking the projects for national defense and engaging in the cutting-edge fundamental research should be well balanced; Thirdly, in disciplinary planning, the connection between the narrow coverage of disciplines and the disciplinary comprehensiveness should be well planned; Fourthly, in the mode of internal organization, the connection between vocational school and academic school should be properly dealt with. Finally, implementing the strategy of internationalization should be a necessity option in the Double First-rate Construction.

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