A Wonderful Basketball Match Between Oxford University and NPU

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For days, all basketball fans and students have been expecting the competition between the two teams. So, people gathered in the Aoxiang Gymnasium to watch the game this afternoon.

At 2:30pm, Ms. Chen Xiaozhu, the President of NPU, delivered a welcome speech and gave a powerful start for the game. The players from two parts started the wonderful matchup. The Oxford team got the first blood by a forceful attack and the audience were so excited that they shouted for the Oxford team. Following an initial victory with hot pursuit, Oxford team built a 10 points lead. But after a short time-out, the coach of NPU, who may have found the weaknesses of Oxford, adjusted strategies for his boys. With a three-point shot and several exciting breakthrough and movements, the NPU boys made a rapid progress of their points. The students and faculties were all cheered by the fierce competition of two teams. Finally, the NPU team won the game by a 7-point-lead.

All players from the two parts showed their sportsmanship and honor on the basketball court. The game has widened the channels of communication and cooperation.

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