Registration Notice for 2022 Freshmen

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Dear 2022 International Students,

Welcome to Northwestern Polytechnical University and begin your new journey in your dream school!

Because of the current pandemic in China and the latest COVID-19 prevention requirements in Shaanxi province and the regulations of Northwestern Polytechnical University, to ensure the safety and health of students, Northwestern Polytechnical University hereby gives the following reminder to all new international students.


Before Registration

(1) Prerequisites for Registration

1)International students who are not in Shaanxi province will be required to provide a negative nucleic acid test report (within 48 hours), Communication big data travel card,Health code. And need to send related document ahead of time to the teacher (details refer to notice in Ding Talkor Wechat group). If a student’s current city has medium and high risk areas in province level, registration need to be postponed and wait until it is downgraded to low risk region, then are allowed to come to NPU according to the above mentioned requirement.

2)International Students in Xi’an city will be required to provide both Communication big data travel card, Xi'an passing code.

3) This requirement above may be revised due to latest pandemic situation.

4) You are advised to complete vaccination before your registration. If the vaccination is not completed due to the contraindications of vaccination or any other reasons, a written explanation shall be provided and submitted to the Admissions Office before registration. Then, you will be told whether to register at NPU on-site or not.

(2)International students below are NOT allowed to register at NPU on site at present.

1) Students who are currently outside China: need to confirm whether can come in September, according to the visa status and the book of flight.

2) Those who are now located in a city that has high or medium risk areas in China (based on the dynamic evaluation updates on the national government service platform) . Students with a history in the past 7 days of living or traveling to medium or high-risk areas and cities recently. And also those who transfer at or stop in medium or high-risk areas and cities on their way here.

3) Students who are unable to register at NPU on-site shall register online.

(3) Preparations before coming to NPU

1) Personal valid ID certificates: passport, admission notice, cash etc .

2) Personal protective equipment: facial masks, gloves, disinfection products (hand sanitizer, alcohol wipes), etc., especially when traveling.

3) Personal daily necessities.

(4) Precautions on the way to NPU

1) Take personal precautions on your way to NPU, reduce the number of accompanying personnel and luggage, wear masks throughout the whole process, avoid staying in densely populated and poorly ventilated places, pay attention to the health status of surrounding passengers, avoid close contact with others, and accompanying personnel are not allowed to enter the campus.

2) Tackle with an emergency

International students who are approved to register at NPU, if your health code was updated to yellow or red or you have symptoms such as fever before your departure, you must terminate your arrival immediately. Those who already departed should follow the local guidance of the pandemic control department and inform Admissions Office at once and seek medical treatment locally in time. It is strictly prohibited to conceal the condition.

(5) Registration time and location

1) Date of Registration

On-site: Aug. 24 - 25

Online: Aug. 24 - 28

* All the postgraduates need to upload the required documents in the application system between August 18-21.

* The on-site registration date may change due to thepandemic, please pay close attention to the further notice of International College.

2) The location of Registration

Students are allowed to register at NPU on-site should firstly go to the International StudentDormitory (T27 Building, Youyi Campus) from Monday to Friday, 9:00-11:30,15:00-17:30.

During the off-work time (Weekend and holidays): Accommodation (Apply fortemporary stay for ONLY one night on campus / find hotel by yourself):

Temporary one night stay will only be arranged if a student has already sent an official email and got approved by office teachers in advanced. Use your original Admission Notice and your passport to check in.

(6) Arrival at NPU

1) The following school gates are allowed in:

Chang'an Campus: East Gate

Youyi Campus: West and South Gate

2) Your QR Code of health, plus admission notice will be needed for your entry into campus and body temperature will be checked as well.

3) Vehicles and outside personnel are not allowed to enter campus. Cars could be parked for a while outside the east gate of Chang’an campus. Cars cannot park in front of other gates.


Registration at International College and Academic Schools

(1) Registration and Enrollment on-site(For Students who are allowed to come to NPU)

1) Documents required

The ORIGINAL Admission Notice

The ORIGINAL JW Form-Yellow Page (Students can get it after registering at the admissions office. Please keep multiple copies of JW form yellow page for each visa extension)

The ORIGINAL degree and graduation certificate

The ORIGINAL Transcript

The Original copy of the English proficiency certificate

2) On-site registration process (see the 2022 International Student Registration Guide for more details)

Step 1, Complete the Registration in the system

Step 2, Information Confirmation

Step 3, Receive Student ID

Step 4, Dormitory Allocation

Step 5, Payment

Step 6, Shuttle Bus (Chang'an Campus Only)

Step 7, Register at Academic Schools

(2) Registration and Enrollment online

Step 1, fill up information online

Step 2, upload documents

Step 3, get in contact with the counselor

Step 4, join the Ding Talk or Wechat group

Step 5,contact the Foreign Affairs Secretary of the academic school to confirm the course selection requirements

Step 6,contact the supervisor (master and doctoral students)

If you don’t register in time, you need to provide an official explanation and email to NPU International College Admission Office. If you do not register without any report for more than 2 weeks, you will be automatically seen as dropped out.


After the registration

(1) Check in

I) Location:

Haitian Building for International Students in Chang’an Campus

T27 Building for International Students in Youyi Campus

T3 Building for International Students in Youyi Campus

2) Check-in

Go to the apartment. Your luggage will be disinfected by staff and your previous masks and other used protections will be disposed properly.

Please wash hands, open windows for ventilation, take off the coat to clean and disinfect your room after entering the dormitory.

(2) Contact the counselor

International students could communicate with the counselor, undergraduate freshmen need to join the Ding Talk group chat, to get notice of future matters.

(3) Freshman Camp

This year we will provide freshman camp for new students to learn about the campus and future study life. Please follow the latest notice from your counselor and make some new friends during this orientation.

(4) Be ready to choose classes

International students need to know relevant requirement of course selection and reasonably allocate your course time. The details can be seen in the "Admission Guide" and "50 Questions for New Students". And questions please contact the Office of Educational Affairs. Master and PhD students need to contact your school’s secretary of foreign affairs and confirm it with your supervisor.

(4) Campus policies

The university implements strict access control policies. The campus is not open to the outside and please do not go out unless necessary. Personal protection measures should be well conducted if you are off campus and please avoid staying in crowded places. When returning, it is absolutely necessary to show your traveling track record and body temperature. Please report to your counselor punctually if you shall experience any discomfort



Please avoid gathering in crowded places and keep a safe distance from others. Students who are now at home should reduce going out and try not to arrange long trips. It is safest to study and work at home. Students who cannot register at NPU temporarily should pay attention to the local pandemic prevention policy, wearing masks, washing hands frequently, and paying close attention to your physical condition. Students in medium or high-risk areas/ cities should monitor their health regularly and consciously abide by requirements of pandemic prevention.

Looking forward to meet you at Northwestern Polytechnical University as soon as possible!

Northwestern Polytechnical UniversityInternational College

August 17,2022

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