Application Procedure

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Application and Selection Procedure

Step-1: Application Documents Preparation

1.  A clearly scanned copy of the personal information page on the valid passport in color.

The passport should be valid till October 30, 2022. Applicants currently living in mainland China are also required to provide a scanned copy of their current valid visa page or residence permit page.

If a passport is not available at the time of application, the personal information page of the national ID card can temporarily be used for the application. Please note that a valid passport is one of the required materials for admission, and applicants should provide it as soon as possible.  

2.  A clearly scanned copy of the high school graduation certificate.

A scanned copy of the pre-graduation certificate is required if the applicant has not yet earned the high school graduation certificate. Please resubmit the original high school graduation certificate or original notarized high school graduation certificate prior to registration.

3.  A scanned copy of the high school academic transcript for the entire high school period.

If the applicant has not yet completed the high school study, the applicant should provide the transcript for all semesters up to the time of application.  

4.  A Self-Introduction on prescribed form (click here to download the template form for Self-introduction ).

5.  Proof of Chinese or English proficiency.

Applicants who have met the following criteria are not required to fulfill language requirements:

Native Chinese speakers applying for programs offered in the Chinese Language.

Native English speakers applying for programs offered in the English Language.

For all other applicants, specific language proficiency requirements are shown in the following table:

Medium of   Instructions



Chinese Language


HSK Level 4 above 200 points


HSK Level 4 above 180 points

English Language


IELTS≥ 6.0 (Academic)Overall score (Minimum individual band scores ≥ 5.5)

TOEFL ≥ 80

(TOEFL Mybest Scores, iBT home edition, Essentials are accepted, DI code: C317)

PTE Academic ≥ 55

Duolingo ≥ 100

Cambridge International Advanced Level (A for English subject)

SAT ≥ 1150


IELTS≥ 5.5 (Academic)Overall score (Minimum individual band scores ≥ 5.0)

TOEFL ≥ 70

(TOEFL Mybest Scores, iBT home edition, Essentials are accepted, DI code: C317)

PTE Academic 50

Duolingo ≥ 95

Cambridge International Advanced Level (B for English subject)

SAT ≥ 1050

Note: Applicants who have not achieved a minimum HSK requirement can take the NPU foundation program. The language requirement will be waived once applicants pass the foundation program.

6.  Non-criminal record certificate issued within last 5 months.

Applicants who currently live in China should provide non-criminal records from both the home country and China.

If the non-criminal record could not be provided temporarily due to any special circumstances, please submit a " Commitment Letter" (click here to download the Commitment Letter template无犯罪证明承诺书 Non- criminal commitment letter.docx). Applicants should provide the formal non-criminal record as soon as possible.

7.  Notarized copies of other awards or academic achievements (if any).

8.  Physical Examination Certificate base on the prescribed format which should be produced within the last 6 months (click here to download Physical Examination Certificate template).

Applicants who are currently in China and have the Residence Permit or the Foreign Permanent Resident ID Card can use either of these two documents;scanned copies to substitute the Physical Examination Certificate.

9.  Applicants who will be under the age of 18 as of September 1st, 2022 must submit the following documents:

     (1) Guardian’s Authorization Letter; the document should be an original copy and notarized .

     (2) Guardian’s Guarantee Letter; the guardian should provide the valid ID scanned copy (Click here to download Guardian’s Guarantee Letter template).


1.Native English speaking countries:

2.Special academic requirement of some schools. Clike here to check the details:  

3.Documents should be in English / Chinese OR supplemented by notarized English / Chinese translations.

Step-2: Complete online application

Log in the NPU Application Portal at and complete the online application.

1.The NPU online application portal is the only acceptable method for applying at NPU. A 600 RMB application fee is mandatory to complete the application. Failure to pay the application fee will be deemed as an invalid application. The application fee is non-refundable. (Due to the current COVID pandemic situation, applicants may apply for an exemption from the application fee. Please refer to the official notice for details: Link)

2.A valid email address should be used to register for the online application system. All the communications between NPU and the applicants will be done through the email addresses used for the portal registration.

3.Applicants should carefully review and upload all the documents and submit the applications before the deadline.

Step-3: Review of application documents

1.The Admissions Office will review the authenticity and integrity of the application documents.

2.The specific NPU academic schools will review the applicant's academic competency. The review process will take approximately 10 working days. If passed, qualified applicants will attend the follow-on examination/interview.

3.The applicants shall pay close attention to the online application status and the NPU email notifications. Admissions Office may inform the applicants to provide additional relevant information or supplement documents based on the feedback of the application review.  

Step-4: Examination/Interview

1.Applicants who qualified for the examination/interview will receive email notifications in regards to the examination/interview method, content, time and etc. Applicants should attend the examination/interview according to the instruction.

2.The Admissions Office will announce the results via email two weeks after the examination/interview.  

Step-5: Initial Fee Payment

Pre-admitted students need to pay a 2000 RMB initial fee to secure the admission seats. The initial fee will be refunded once the students complete the registration on time.

Applicants should choose one of the following payment methods for the application fee and initial fee:

1.Online Payment: applicants will pay the fees via the online application system.

2.Local Bank or Online Bank Wire Transfer: After paying the initial fee via the bank wire transfer method, the applicants shall upload the wire transfer receipts in the application system. Please note the applicants’ passport numbers on the receipts.  

Step-6: Mailing the Admission Documents

Applicants are required to provide valid address information. The Admissions Office will re-confirm the address information with the admitted students and then mail the admission documents to the addresses provided.

Step-7: Registration

Admitted students should complete the registration at Admissions Office prior to the registration deadline. Failure to register before the deadline according to the Admission Notice (without prior approval from the admission office) will be considered as forfeiting the admission opportunity. Attempts to register early will not be accepted.

Any dishonesty that happened during the selection and admission process will lead to admission or studentship cancellation.



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