NPU 2023 Spring Intake Chinese Language Program Guide

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Start your China Story from NPU

“If you have not been to Xi'an, you have not been to China!


Fascinating Xi'an: A Blend of Ancient Culture and Modern Lifestyle.

With year-round pleasant weather of moderate rainfalls and snowfalls emanating from the blooming flowers in spring into the bright and sunny summer, blossoming to a beautiful, crisp, clear-skied autumn, and silvery-white winters, the Xi'an scenery is unmatched.

Xi'an, originally called Chang'an, meaning Eternal Peace, is one of China's famous and fascinating cities in Shaanxi province, located in Central China. With a history of more than 6500 years, Xi'an, along with Athens, Cairo, and Rome, is one of the world's four great ancient capitals. At the height of its prime history during the Tang Dynasty (AD 618-907), Xi'an, one of the most prosperous economic center, was the starting point of the Silk Road.

Xi'an still retains its historical charm as it houses many great ancient and historical sites. These sites include the famous and mystical Terracotta Warriors, the Bell and Drum Towers, the Great Mosque of Xi'an, the Ming Dynasty City Wall, the Mount Taibai National Forest Park, and the Great Wild Goose Pagoda.

With the excellent blend of cultural heritage and the modernity of today's fast-growing world, Xi'an has reemerged as a cultural, industrial, political, and educational center of the entire central northwest region, with many facilities for research development in many revolutionary technologies related to electronics chips, artificial intelligence, aerospace technologies, biotechnology, advanced materials, new and renewable technologies, and intelligent manufacturing. Xi'an has much to offer to everyone, and as a vibrant international metropolis, it welcomes people worldwide to come and discover its stories.

Program Advantages

1. Small class sizes

2. Language grouping based on personal ability

3. HSK Training Class provided for free

4. Excellent students can apply for the degree program of NPU to continue your study.

Program Details




S1-Chinese Langauge Basic Class(Short Term)

Comprehensive Chinese, listening and speaking, Chinese culture

20 Hours/Week

March 6th 2023-July 2023

S2-Chinese Langauge Intermediate Class(Short Term)

Comprehensive Chinese, listening and speaking, ReadingChinese culture

20 Hours/Week

March 6th 2023-July 2023

S3-Chinese Langauge Advanced Class(Short Term)

Comprehensive Chinese, listening and speaking, Reading and Writting,Chinese culture

20 Hours/Week

March 6th 2023-July 2023

S1Chinese Langauge Basic Class(Long Term)

Comprehensive Chinese, listening and speaking, Chinese culture

20 Hours/Week

March 6th 2023-January 2024

S2-Chinese Langauge Intermediate Class(Long Term)

Comprehensive Chinese, listening and speaking, Reading,Chinese culture

20 Hours/Week

March 6th 2023-January  2024

S3-Chinese Langauge Advanced Class(Long Term)

Comprehensive Chinese, listening and speaking, Reading and Writting,Chinese culture

20 Hours/Week

March 6th 2023-January 2024

Application Qualifications

1. The applicant must be a non-Chinese citizen with a valid passport. Specific standard available on official website;

2. Good physical and mental health (no infectious or contagious diseases and no physical or mental disorders that could interfere with regular study);

3. Applicants should hold a high school diploma or above

4. Chinese Language Requirements

1Basic ClassStudents who have never learned Chinese

2Intermediate ClassEqual to HSK3-4 level

3Advanced ClassEqual to HSK4-5 level

Application Documents

1. A copy of the personal information page of your valid passport. Applicants currently residing in mainland China must also provide a scanned copy of the currently valid visa page or residence permit page

2. A copy of highest diploma (or graduation certificate). It should be the original documents or be notarized

3. Self-introduction (If you have)

4. Non-criminal record (valid for five months)

5. Copy of "Physical Examination Form for Foreigners" (valid for six months)

6. As of March 1st, 2023, minor applicants under the age of 18 must provide Guardian’s Commitment Letter and Guardian Guarantee Lette

Application Deadline

18th December, 2022 for Spring Semester

Application Procedures

Notice: Online application system is the only acceptable method to apply .

Step1 - Complete the online application on the following web page: 

Register account must be your valid E-mail as the admission officer will inform all results of your application to this E-mail.

Step2 – Choose Chinese Language and submit all documents.

Step3 - Review documents

Step4 – Send the Admission Notice and other relevant documents to students who are accepted.




Tuition for short term

7,500 CNY

Tuition for long term

15,000 CNY


800 CNY/year;400 CNY/semester

Accommodation(double room)

600 CNY/year


Feel Free to Contact Us!

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Postcode: 710072

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*The date and time mentioned above are all Beijing time.

Please refer to the website of NPU International College in case any change and update.

NPU International College reserves the right for all final interpretation.

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