Supervisor and Major List for 2023 PhD Application School of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering

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School of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering


The School of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering of Northwestern Polytechnical University was established in November 2019. It originated from the chemical fiber and plastics major established by the school in 1957. It is one of the first important bases for the development of polymer science and engineering scientific research and talent training in China.

The college has a first-level discipline doctoral program in chemistry, a second-level discipline doctoral program in materials science and materials processing engineering, a doctorate program in materials and chemical engineering; a first-level discipline master program in chemical engineering and technology, and a second-level master program in materials science and materials processing engineering. A master's degree in materials and chemical engineering. There are four undergraduate majors in molecular science and engineering (chemistry), polymer materials and engineering, chemical engineering and technology, and environmental science. Among them, polymer chemistry and physics and physical chemistry are key disciplines of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, and the discipline of chemistry entered in 2011 The top 1% of ESI, and the ranking is rising year by year.

In the past five years, the college has undertaken nearly 500 scientific research projects of various types, presided over more than 120 national-level projects such as key projects of the National Natural Science Foundation of China, major special projects, and key national defense projects, with a total of nearly 300 million yuan in funds.

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 24. 2023学年化学与化工学院博士申请导师信息表 Supervisor List for 2023 PhD Application School of Chemistry and Chemical Engineerin.pdf

重要提示 Notice:

1. 附件为化学与化工学院2023年专业信息表与可接收博士的导师信息表。

The attachments are the Major List and the Spervisor List that can accept the PhD students of the School of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering in 2023 Academic Year.

2. 请根据此表中导师的教师主页信息以及研究方向选择并联系与你研究方向一致或相似的导师,请不要群发邮件。

Please contact the supervisor according to the their researsh direction and Teacher Website Page information.

Do not send the MASS EMAIL.

3. 博士申请导师接收函为必须文件。 

For PhD application, the supervisor acceptance letter is the mandatory document.


The PhD Major Introduction for the School of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering

一、专业名称 Major:化学 Chemistry

1. 专业核心课程名称 Core Courses: 

Modern Research Methods in Polymer

Progress in Materials Processing

The Progress of New Energy Material & Technology

Polymeric Biomaterials

2、 研究方向及绍 Research Direction and its introduction:

①  高分子化学与物理Polymer chemistry and Physics

高分子结构与性能 Polymer structure and properties

功能拓扑高分子 Functional topology

生物医用高分子 Biomedical polymer

高性能高分子 High performance polymer

高分子复合体系 Polymer composite system

高分子控制成型 Polymer controlled molding

②  有机化学Organic Chemistry

空间有机合成与组装 Space organic synthesis and assembly

绿色有机合成 Green organic synthesis

超分子化学 Supramolecular chemistry

生物大分子化学 Biomacromolecule chemistry

天然产物化学生物学 Chemical biology of natural products

③  无机化学 Inorganic Chemistry

无机纳米材料合成与自组装 Synthesis and self-assembly of inorganic nano materials

纳米表面化学及液体化 Nano surface chemistry and fluidization

无机粒子表面有机化 Organic surface of inorganic particles

有机/无机杂化材料界面 Organic / inorganic hybrid material interface

④  分析化学 Analytical Chemistry

化学分离与纯化 Chemical Separation and Purification

超临界流体萃取、膜分离及色谱分离 Supercritical Fluid Extraction, Membrane Separation and Chromatographic Separation

分子印迹材料 Molecularly Imprinted Materials

⑤  材料化学 Material Chemistry

杂化高分子合成与自组装 Synthesis and Self-assembly of Hybrid Polymers

聚合物复合凝胶电解质 Polymer Composite Gel Electrolyte

新能源物质 New Energy Substances

水处理与资源化利用 Water Treatment and Resource Utilization

⑥  物理化学physical chemistry

化学热力学与动力学 Chemical thermodynamics and kinetics

胶体与界面化学 Colloid and Interface Chemistry

电化学 Electrochemistry

功能材料体系物理化学 Physical chemistry of functional material system

大分子体系物理化学 Physical chemistry of macromolecular system

超分子体系物理化学 Physical chemistry of supramolecular systems

二、专业名称 Major:物理化学 Physical Chemistry

1. 专业核心课程名称 Core Courses:

高聚物的结构与性能 Structure and properties of polymers

高分子合成及其化学反应 Polymer synthesis and its chemical reaction

功能高分子材料 Functional polymer materials

高等物理化学 Advanced physical chemistry

高等有机化学 Advanced Organic Chemistry

高聚物的现代研究方法 Modern research methods of polymers

第一原理方法与应用 First principle method and Application

现代仪器分析 Modern instrumental analysis

分离化学 Separation chemistry

环境工程化学 Environmental Engineering Chemistry

生物化学 Biochemistry

生物医用高分子材料 Biomedical polymer materials

热分析动力学 Thermal analysis kinetics

光化学原理及应用 Photochemical principle and Application

应用电化学 Applied Electrochemistry

胶体与界面化学 Colloid and interface chemistry

现代高分子化学前沿 Frontier of modern polymer chemistry

有机-无机杂化材料及其应用 Organic-inorganic hybrid materials and their applications

2、 研究方向及绍 Research Direction and its introduction:

①  功能材料体系物理化学 Physical chemistry of functional material system


Physics and chemistry of functional materials; Physics and chemistry of microstructure materials; Molecularly imprinted polymers and recognition mechanism; Functional ionic liquid.

②  化学热力学与动力学 Chemical thermodynamics and kinetics


Quantum chemistry theory and calculation method; Accurate calculation of thermochemical data; Applied quantum chemistry; Statistical thermodynamics and chemical thermodynamics of complex systems; Micro reaction kinetics method and its application.

③  表界面化学与胶体化学、电化学 Surface and interface chemistry, colloidal chemistry and electrochemistry


Interfacial self-assembly of hybrid molecular systems; Polymer composite electrolyte; Corrosion and protection; Friction corrosion and protective chemistry.

④  超分子体系物理化学 Physical chemistry of supramolecular systems


Supramolecular system and molecular recognition; Coordination polymers, synthesis and design, supramolecular self-assembly.

⑤  高分子体系物理化学 Physical chemistry of polymer system.

面向功能高分子、高性能高分子、杂化高分子、超分子体系、生物大分子体系、高分子耐候性的计算与模拟It is oriented to the calculation and Simulation of functional polymers, high-performance polymers, hybrid polymers, supramolecular systems, biological macromolecular systems and polymer weather resistance.

三、专业名称 Major:高分子化学与物理 Polymer chemistry and Physics

1. 专业核心课程名称 Core Courses:

Organic-inorganic Hybrid Materials

Synthesis and Characterization of Macromolecules

Advanced Organic Chemistry

Progress in Materials Processing

Introduction to Polymer Physics

Frontier of Modern Polymer Chemistry

The Progress of New Energy Material & Technology

Progress in Advanced Functional Materials

2、 研究方向及介绍 Research Direction and its introduction:

①  功能高分子化学 Functional polymer chemistry


Polymer design and synthesis; Biomedical and renewable polymers; Photoelectric magnetic functional polymer; Polymer for space applications; Polymer for energy and environment

②  高性能高分子 High performance polymer

高分子结构/功能设计与合成; 高性能树脂基体; 高性能工程塑料; 耐高温聚合物; 介孔泡沫聚合物

Polymer structure / function design and synthesis; High performance resin matrix; High performance engineering plastics; High temperature resistant polymer; Mesoporous foam polymer.

③  超分子化学与物理 Supramolecular chemistry and Physics


Green synthesis of supramolecular system; Supramolecular self-assembly of cyclodextrin system; Supramolecular system and molecular recognition; Synthesis, design and assembly of coordination polymers

④  高分子复合体系 Polymer composite system


Advanced resin matrix composites and interfaces; Polymer nanocomposite system; Structure and properties of micro nano composites; Organic / inorganic hybrid polymer composite system

⑤  高分子控制成型 Polymer controlled molding


Controlled molding of high performance resin matrix composite; Control molding of high performance engineering plastics; Controlled molding of organic-inorganic hybrid polymer composite system; Rheology and molding of polymer system

⑥  高分子结构与性能Polymer structure and properties


Topological structure and properties of polymers; Structure and properties of polymer condensed matter; Structure and properties of hyperbranched polymers

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