Winter Vacation Internship Recruitment Notice

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China International Youth Exchange Center plans to continue the activity of "enterprise internship for foreign students in China" during this winter vacation. We are now recruiting international students from colleges and universities across the country. The specific notice is as follows:

1Internship time

From January to February 2022, in principle, it shall not be less than 2 months (the time can be negotiated).

2Recruitment object

International students studying for bachelor's degree or above in China

3Internship location

All over the country

4、 Recruitment conditions

(1). Be proficient in Chinese, and other languages shall be subject to the post requirements of the enterprise.

(2). Have the relevant professional knowledge and working ability required for the internship position.

(3). Serious and meticulous work, strong sense of responsibility, strong execution and inter departmental cooperation.

(4). The internship report shall be submitted after the internship is completed.

5Internship benefits

(1). The enterprise shall bear certain internship subsidies, and the intercity travel expenses shall be borne by itself.

(2). After the internship, the enterprise shall issue the internship certificate for the qualified interns.

(3). China International Exchange Center gives priority to recommending interns with excellent performance during internship to participate in international exchange activities.

6Related matters

(1). After matching with the enterprise, the intern shall sign the internship agreement and apply to the exit Entry Administration for an internship visa (completed before December 31).

(2). Interns shall abide by the management regulations of the internship enterprise.

(3). Please carefully fill in the electronic application form for enterprise internship of foreign students in China during winter vacation and submit relevant materials.

7Registration method and time

Please sign up by scanning the QR code below before November 28, 2021.








8Qualification examination

Preliminary qualification examination: international students fill in the internship application form by themselves, and the exchange center will jointly conduct the preliminary qualification examination with colleges and universities, and make appropriate overall adjustment.

Professional review: arrange interns who meet the job requirements to conduct telephone or video interviews with matching enterprises before December 10.

Audit results: feedback the matching results to universities and foreign students before December 15.

9Contact information

Contact: Ms. Wang, economic cooperation department, China International Youth Exchange Center 010-64608340

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China International Youth Exchange Center

November 18, 2021

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