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Works submitted for participation must be the results of students' extra-curricular academic scientific and technological or social practice activities that have been completed or achieved certain results within two years. The three main categories include scientific and technological inventions and productions, academic papers in natural sciences, social investigation reports and academic papers in philosophy and social sciences. The specific requirements are as follows.

I. Types of projects entered

(i) Production of technological inventions

Scientific and technological inventions are produced in two specific categories.

Category ACategory A: works with a high technological content and a high level of production input.

Category B:Small inventions and productions with low input and which bring convenience to production technology or social life.

1. Entries should be practical and focus on solving specific problems in the productive life of society.

2. All types of inventions, including hardware production and software writing.

3. The invention must be conceived primarily by the student.

4. The use of modern science and technology, fine production and high application value of the work.

5. Requirement to produce a physical model, pictures, computer software with necessary text description.

(ii) Academic papers in the natural sciences

1. Authors of academic papers in the natural sciences are restricted to undergraduate students.

2. The participant must be the first author; papers in which the supervisor is the first author may not be entered.

3. The thesis is original, logical and of practical guidance.

4. The papers are classified as.

Machinery and controls (including machinery, instrumentation, automation controls, engineering, transportation, construction, etc.).

Information technology (including computers, telecommunications, communications, electronics, etc.).

Mathematics and science (including mathematics, physics, earth and space sciences, etc.).

Life sciences, etc. (including biology, agronomy, pharmacy, medicine, health, hygiene, food, etc.).

Energy Chemicals (including energy, materials, petroleum, chemical, chemical, ecology, environmental protection, etc.)

(iii) Social survey reports and academic papers in philosophy and social sciences

1. Social research reports and academic papers in the social sciences are limited to six disciplines: philosophy, economics, society, law, education and management.

2. Entries in the category of philosophy and social sciences may include various development plans, reform programmes and consultancy reports that have been adopted for leading party and government departments, enterprises and institutions. Such works should be accompanied by the original and a copy of the certificate of use by the adopting unit and relevant identification materials.

3. All papers have not been published in official journals.

4. The work should be original in its viewpoint, logical, and realistic and instructive.

II. Requirements for entries

(i)Entries can be divided into individual and collective declared works.

The declarant of an individual work must be responsible for more than 60% of the research work of the work, and the signature on the certificate of identification of the work, the patent certificate and the relevant published work must be the first author, and the collaborators must be students and not more than two persons; all projects with more than three authors or projects with not more than three authors but where the first author cannot be distinguished must be declared as collective works.

If the work is declared collectively, the collective authors may not exceed ten, and in addition to the name of the collective work, one student must be indicated as the representative of the collective project, and the collective authors must all be students. In principle, the instructors of the works entered in the competition are hired by themselves.

(ii) Graduation design and course design (thesis), academic year thesis and dissertation, works awarded in international competitions, and results of national awards (winning works of other competitions) are not included in the scope of application.

Note: The competition will check the entries, in principle, previous entries cannot participate in this competition, previous projects can be entered if they have significant innovation points, but they need to be listed separately in the form of chapters in the work. If any of the above rules are violated, the entry of the project will be disqualified.

III. Requirements for entry projects

(i)The project must be true, healthy, legal, without any bad information, and the project intention should promote positive energy and practice socialist core values. The project must not infringe on the intellectual property rights of others; the inventions, patented technologies and resources involved must have clear and legal intellectual property rights or property rights; plagiarism, misappropriation, provision of false materials or violation of relevant laws and regulations will immediately lose the right to participate and bear all legal responsibilities.

(ii) If the project involves other people's intellectual property rights, a complete and legally valid written authorization letter from the owner, patent certificate, etc. must be submitted when applying.

(iii) Teams must be the actual members of the project, with no less than three and no more than ten members in each team. The project submitted by the team must be the project of the team, and must not be borrowed from others.

IV. Prizes

There will be First Prize, Second Prize and Third Prize for scientific and technological inventions, academic papers in the natural sciences, social investigation reports and academic papers in the philosophy and social sciences.

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