School of Astronautics - 2022 PhD Major Information and Supervisor List

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School of Astronautics


School of Astronautics was founded in 1958, based on Department of Aerospace Engineering and is one of the earliest to focus on the astronautical technology in China.

Currently, school of astronautics is composed of 5 departments, 1 research institution, 2 National Key Laboratory, 2 Provincial Key Laboratory and Engineering Research Center .

Following the spirit of NPU, School of Astronautics has made remarkable achievement in training students and had high social reputation. It has cultivated more than 6000 senior talents specialized in aeronautics and astronautics, 2 of which are China's Top Ten Outstanding Youth.

Aiming at applying basic research into practice and meeting needs of national strategy, School of Astronautics undertook many research tasks and a number of important research results have been achieved, including development of more than 20 types of space vehicles, carrier rocket and satellites. The school was cited by Manned Space Engineering Office for it's remarkable contributions to China’s first manned flight test. School of Astronautics has become an influential institute in training excellent students and doing scientific research.

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1. 附件为航天学院2022年专业信息表与可接收博士的导师信息表。

The attachments are the Major List and the Spervisor List that can accept the PhD students of the School of Astronautics in the 2022 Academic Year.

2. 请根据此表中导师的教师主页信息以及研究方向选择并联系与你研究方向一致或相似的导师,请不要群发邮件。

Please contact the supervisor according to the their researsh direction and Teacher Website Page information.

Do not send the MASS EMAIL.

3. 导师的邮箱域名为

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The PhD Major Introduction for the School of Astronautics




Research Direction


Major Introduction


Core Courses


Prerequisite Courses

Aeronautical and Astronautical Science and Technology

Aerospace Propulsion Theory and Engineering


Research the basic theories, methods and work process analysis of the Aircraft and Spacecraft power systemcombined aerospace power system and aerospace energy utilization. Mainly include: propulsion system integrated design, propulsion system aerothermal theory and method, propulsion system working process numerical simulation, propulsion system structural strength and reliability, propulsion system control, propulsion system working process fine test and system fault diagnosis, new nano energy materials, exploration and utilization of novel aerospace energy, new concept engine technology, etc.


Advanced computational fluid dynamics, computational heat transfer, etc.



Numerical Analysis

Aerospace Propulsion Theory

Flight Vehicle Design



Taking fluid mechanics, structural mechanics, thermodynamics, and thermodynamics involved in the design and manufacturing process of the new generation aerospace equipment such as missile, rocket, satellite, spacecraft and space probe as as research object. Studying the physical principles and laws, characterizing the complex flow conditions in accuracy, aerodynamics under extreme service conditions, material and structural mechanics, and thermodynamics. Mainly include: aircraft system and system engineering, aircraft integrated design and technology, aircraft structure/comprehensive design analysis and optimization, aircraft flight dynamics and flying control, aerodynamics and advanced flow control methods, advanced structure and mechanical behavior, aircraft structural dynamic and control, thermodynamics of aircraft and power system, multi-field coupling mechanics of aircraft and power system, etc.


Aircraft system engineering, spacecraft nonlinear dynamics, aircraft multidisciplinary design optimization, etc.



Numerical Analysis

Aircraft design

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