School of Marine Science and Technology - 2022 PhD Major Information and Supervisor List

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School of Marine Science and Technology


School of Marine Science and Technology(SMST) is focused on the scientific research and talents cultivation in marine information processing, underwater vehicle, marine engineering fields.

SMST builds large integrated towing tank (There are two parts. One is a towing tank of 170×6×7m and another is a large integrated tank. ), large laboratories such as high-speed water tunnel, large anechoic tank(20×7×8m), underwater physical field simulation, underwater power propulsion, noise and vibration control, navigation and control simulation.

SMST has won 1 first prize of National Scientific and Technological Progress Award, 5 second prize, 2 third prize, 2 third prize of National Invention Award and over 120 Provincial and Ministerial-level Scientific and Technological Award.

SMST has launched science and technology cooperation as well as talents co-training programs with prestigious universities and research institutions in America, Britain, Australia, and Russia.

It has co-founded Institute of Marine Science and Information Technology with Russia State Marine Technical University.

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Supervisor List for 2022 PhD Application School of Marine Science and Technology.xlsx

重要提示 Notice:

1. 附件为航海学院2022年专业信息表与可接收博士的导师信息表。

The attachments are the Major List and the Spervisor List that can accept the PhD students of the School of Marine Science and Techology in 2022 Academic Year.

2. 请根据此表中导师的教师主页信息以及研究方向选择并联系与你研究方向一致或相似的导师,请不要群发邮件。

Please contact the supervisor according to the their researsh direction and Teacher Website Page information.

Do not send the MASS EMAIL.

3. 导师的邮箱域名为

Please add: after the email adress.


The PhD Major Introduction for the School of Maine Science and Techology

1. 专业名称 Major: 

船舶与海洋工程 Naval Architecture and Ocean Engineering

2. 研究方向 Research Direction:

船舶与海洋结构物设计制造 Design and manufacture of ships and Marine structures

3. 专业介绍 Major Introduction:


With the mission of serving the national strategy of becoming a maritime power, the program is committed to cultivating academic, innovative and applied talents in the fields of ocean vehicle, underwater robot and ocean engineering for national ocean security and intelligent ocean.Studengts are enable to have a comprehensive understanding of China, including its  politics, economy, history as well as culture and to enable them to have basic capability to understand and communicate with others in Chinese;to equip overseas students with all-round basic theories and systematic and professional knowledge in disciplines concerned, and with skills to do scientific research independently so as to make creative contributions in science and technology;to benefit students’ physical and mental health, and to provide them with good academic ethics and spirits and to cultivate their scientific and practical learning attitude and working style.

4. 专业核心课程名称 Core Courses:

现代数学统计 Modern Mathematics Statistics

现代数值分析 Modern Numerical Analysi

无人水下航行器流体力学 Unmanned Underwater Vehicle Fluid Mechanics

海洋航行器动力学 Dynamics of Ocean Vehicles

计算机海洋生学 Computational Ocean Acoustics

水下航行器的导航定位 Navigation and Positioning of Underwater Vehicle

水下声音的传感器和阵列Transducers and Arrays for Underwater Sound

应用数字信号处理 Applied Digital Signal Processin

随机信号处理原理 Principle of Random Signal Processing

电力电子技术 Power Electronics Technology

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