1000 Talents Plan Young Scholars

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1) Application requirements
a) Applicants shall be under 40 and their discipline shall be natural science or engineering technology.
b) Applicants who got doctoral degree in overseas famous universities shall have 3 years and above overseas scientific research experience (exceptive admission is available); applicants who got doctoral degree at home shall have 3 years and above overseas teaching or scientific research experience.
c) Applicants shall have full-time teaching or research position at overseas famous universities or research institutions or well-known enterprises research institutions; applicants are top talent among peers and they shall have the potential to become academic or technical leader in their research areas.
d)Applicants shall work in NPU on a full-time basis since signing agreement.

2) Salaries and Benefits
Salary:500,000 RMB lump-sum bonus from central governments, 500,000 RMB lump-sum bonus from provincial governments (This lump-sum bonus will be exempted from personal income tax); Secure income (above 350,000 RMB per year)
Complete set of scientific research:2,000,000-3,000,000 RMB scientific research fund; offices, scientific research buildings and public laboratory platform
Team building:NPU will assist 1000 Talents Young Scholar to build work team
Housing and Settling-in Allowance:NPU provides housing or 500,000 RMB housing monetization subsidies and 100,000 RMB settling-in allowance
Life assurance:Children of 1000 Talents Young Scholar will be admitted to study in NPU High School, NPU Primary School and NPU Kindergarten, which are the best in Shaanxi Province, and highly prestigious in China.

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