Supervisor and Major List for 2024 Master Application School of Marxism

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School of Marxism of Northwestern Polytechnical University (NPU), formerly known as Marxism-Leninism Teaching and Research Office (1956), has successively experienced the Ministry of Social Sciences (1983), then changed to the Department of Social Sciences (1985, with the major of Ideological and Political Education), School of Humanities, Economics and laws (2003), and the Department of Ideological and Political Theory Teaching and Research (2010). In December 2015, the School of Marxism (hereinafter referred to as the School) was established, which was jointly established with China’s Yan’an Cadre College, and it was a second-level unit with independent organizational system directly under the leadership of the university.The discipline of Marxist theory has been identified as a key discipline in the school’s construction and development. In 2018, it was approved as the first batch of key Marxism colleges in Shaanxi Province.

The school now has 66 full-time teachers, including 16 professors and 33 associate professors and 17 Lecturer. Teachers under the age of 45 account for 67.34%, and teachers with doctoral degrees account for 63.26%.There are 23 full-time and part-time doctoral supervisors, including Yan Shuhan, an expert in the research and construction project of Marxist theory, Wang Xiangming, a national excellent "Two Courses" teacher, and more than 10 experts and scholars with extensive influence in the field of Marxist theory discipline, all of whom have served as lecture professors and doctoral supervisors, forming a talent team with relatively reasonable structure. In the development process of more than 60 years, the School has continuously strengthened its teaching staff and cultivated a discipline team with firm belief in Marxism, profound knowledge and great influence in the field of Marxist theoretical research. The team has been awarded the title of Excellent Teaching Team in Shaanxi Province and Advanced Collective in the Construction of Teachers’ Ethics and Morals. A group of outstanding talents have emerged, such as the national outstanding young and middle-aged backbone teachers of Ideological and Political Theory Courses, San Qin Scholars, etc.

The School now has doctoral programs of first-level discipline in ideological and political education and master’s programs of first-level discipline in Marxist theory. There are 4 second-level disciplines under the master's program of first-level discipline in Marxist theory: the basic principles of Marxism, the study of Sinicization of Marxism, the ideological and political education, and the study of basic issues of modern and contemporary Chinese history.

The School has formed certain advantages and characteristics in the field of Marxist theoretical research. In recent years, it has been approved with 11 National Social Science Fund of China, 7 Humanities and Social Science Projects of the Ministry of Education, 14 Social Science Fund Projects of Shaanxi Province (including 1 major project), and more than 80 other projects at all levels. More than 200 academic papers have been published, including more than 90 CSSCI papers and 26 papers on “Three Newspapers and One Journal” (namely,People’s Daily,Guangming Daily,Economic Daily, andQiu Shi), and 24 high-level academic monographs have been published as well. It also has successively won 7 Outstanding Achievement Awards of Philosophy and Social Sciences in Shaanxi Province, 8 Outstanding Achievement Awards of Humanities and Social Sciences in Colleges and Universities in Shaanxi Province, and 1 Outstanding Achievement Award of Science and Technology in Colleges and Universities in Shaanxi Province.

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 17. 2024学年马克思主义学院硕士申请导师信息表 Supervisor List for 2024 Master Application School of Marxism.pdf

重要提示 Notice:

1. 附件为马克思主义学院2024年专业信息表与可接收硕士的导师信息表。

The attachments are the Major List and the Spervisor List that can accept the Master students of the School of Marxism in 2024 Academic Year.

2. 请根据此表中导师的教师主页信息以及研究方向选择并联系与你研究方向一致或相似的导师,请不要群发邮件。

Please contact the supervisor according to the their researsh direction and Teacher Website Page information.

Do not send the MASS EMAIL.


The Master Major Introduction for the School of Marxism

一、专业名称 Major:思想政治教育(Education in Ideology and Politics)


The main research fields of this discipline are socialist ideological security, the history of ideological and political education, and theoretical and practical innovation of ideological and political education in colleges and universities. To study the innovation and development of Marxist ideological theory and pay attention to the generation and education of college students' ideals and beliefs. It will integrate education on Marxist theory, Party history and Party construction with education on national defence, and core socialist values into training national defence personnel.

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