Supervisor and Major List for 2023 PhD Application School of Computer Science

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School of Computer Science




School of Computer Science at Northwestern Polytechnical University is a research-oriented school integrating teaching and scientific research. Established in 1958, SCS has one of the earliest computer science majors in Chinese universities.

SCS has two first-level disciplines of Computer Science and Technology and Software Engineering, and Computer Application Technology is the first computer discipline in the western region and the only key computer discipline in the northwestern region. In the Ministry of Education's fourth round of discipline evaluations, SCS’s Computer Science and Technology and Software Engineering disciplines were ranked at A- and B+ respectively. Computer Science discipline is listed in the top 1% of global ESI disciplines.

In the past five years, SCS has won 8 provincial and ministerial science and technology progress awards, built 6 national platforms and 10 provincial and ministerial science and technology innovation platforms. SCS has undertaken and completed a number of national key basic research and development projects, national natural science foundation key projects, national defense pre-research projects, national defense basic research projects and other national research projects.

SCS has a strong team of over 120 academic staffs, among which there are 2 academicians of both the Chinese Academy of Sciences and the Chinese Academy of Engineering,  2 Leading Talents of the Ten Thousand Talent Program, 1 awardee of the National Science Fund for Distinguished Young Scholars,  2 awardees of the Innovative Youth Talents of the Ministry of Science and Technology, 1 awardee of the Outstanding Youth Science Foundation, and 1 Young Top-Notch Talent of the Ten Thousand Talent Program. Many staffs are talents recruited from Japan, Germany, France, Australia, Canada and Singapore, and most key staffs have oversea experiences of studying, training and researching.

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10. 2023学年计算机学院博士申请导师信息表 Supervisor List for 2023 PhD Application School of Computer Science and Technology.pdf

重要提示 Notice:

1. 附件为计算机学院2023年专业信息表与可接收博士的导师信息表。

The attachments are the Major List and the Spervisor List that can accept the PhD students of the School of Computer Science and Technology in 2023 Academic Year.

2. 请根据此表中导师的教师主页信息以及研究方向选择并联系与你研究方向一致或相似的导师,请不要群发邮件。

Please contact the supervisor according to the their researsh direction and Teacher Website Page information.

Do not send the MASS EMAIL.

3. 博士申请导师接收函为必须文件。

For PhD application, the supervisor acceptance letter is the mandatory document.


The PhD Major Introduction for the School of Computer Science

一、专业名称 Major: 计算机科学与技术 Computer Science and Technology

1. 研究方向 Research Direction: 

先进微处理器系统结构 Advanced Microprocessor Architecture

系统芯片与可重构计算 SOC and Reconfigurable Computing

数据存储与管理技术 Information Processing and Data Mining

系统软件理论与方法 System Software Theory and Method 

嵌入式智能系统 Intelligent Embedded System

普适计算与物联网 Pervasive Computing and Internet of Things 

并行计算 Parallel Computing

计算机视听觉机理及方法 Computer Visual and Auditory Mechanism and Method

模式识别与机器学习 Pattern Recognition and Machine Learning 

航空电子系统与机载计算机技术 Avionics and Airborne Computer Technology

2. 专业介绍 Major Introduction:


The specialty of computer science and technology belongs to information technology. It aims to cultivate students with systematic theory, knowledge, and techniques of computer hardware, software, and application. The graduate students can conduct computer education, scientific research and application in research institutes, education colleges, companies, and governments.

3. 专业核心课程名称 Core Courses: 

Advanced Computer Architecture

Design of Radiation-Hardened Integrated Circuits

Cyber-Physical System

Speech Recognition and Synthesis

Advanced Pervasive Computing

Eye Tracking and Applications

Parallel Computing Theory

Advanced Theory and Techniques on Data Management

Statistical Learning Theory and Application

二、专业名称 Major: 软件工程 Software Engineering

1. 研究方向 Research Direction:

软件工程 Software Engineering

2. 专业介绍 Major Introduction:


Based on computer science and technology, Software Engineering Major emphasizes the engineering of software development, so that students can master basic knowledge, methods, and skills demanded for software analysis, design, testing and maintenance, as well as software project management on the basis of good mastering knowledge and skills of computer science and technology. Moreover, Software Engineering Major highlights training of students’ specialized knowledge and skills, cultivating senior professionals who can engage in software development, testing, maintenance, and software project management.

3. 专业核心课程名称 Core Courses:

Speech Recognition and Synthesis

Intelligent Media Computing and Service

Parallel Computing Theory

Statistical Learning Theory and Application

Software Requirement Engineering

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