Notice on the Course Re-Choosing Process for Spring Semester of the 2021-2022 Academic Year

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According to theNotice on theEarlyStart ofUndergraduateTeachingArrangements for theSpringSemester of the 2021-2022AcademicYear (No. 1 [2021]), and combined with the situation during the period of epidemic prevention and control, the university adjusted the undergraduate course re-choosing process for the spring semester of 2021-2022 academic year. It is as follows.

I.Time Arrangementsfor Course Re-Choosing

The re-choosing selectionis divided into two rounds whichwill start at 09:00 on5 January,2022 and end at 16:00 on11 January, 2022. The first round willstart at 09:00 on5 January, 2022 and end at 16:00 on7 January. The second round will start at 09:00 on 10 January, and end at 16:00 on 11 January. Students who can not conduct regular course re-choosing due to the special situation can apply again in this round.

II.Measures for Course Re-ChoosingSelection

This course re-choosing relies on theAcademicAffairsInfo System and the whole process is carried out online. Students re-choose the required courses in the portal, fill in the application reasons according to the system prompts, and submit the application. The re-choosing will be successful only after it is approved by the instructor, the Academic school and theTeaching Affairs Department. (see annex for operation process).

III.Related Notes

1.In principle, experimental courses with full capacity are not allowed to exceed capacity at re-choosing round.

2.In principle, the re-choosing course is not allowed towithdraw. Please treat the re-choosing phase seriously.

3.Please re-choose the course within the allotted time, and after the course re-choosing session is over, no more courses can be made up without special reasons.

4.Students who needto re-choose course can follow the process without contacting thecourseteacher separately.

5.It may take 2-3 days to complete the audit after re-choosingthe course. Please log in to the Academic Affairs Info System to confirm the results within one week after the re-choosing.

6.If you have any questions about the course re-choosing, please contact the academicadviser of your batch in the International College, or send email tothe Teaching AffairsDepartment (Chinese is recommended) and the Office of Educational Affairs of the International (BothChinese and English are available).

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