Materials Physics(Chinese)-School of Physical Science and Technology

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Materials Physics

学院 School:物理科学与技术学院 School of Physical Science and Technology



The introduction of Major

材料物理专业设立于1999年,陕西省特色专业,如今已形成了在材料物理领域从本科、硕士到博士的完整人才培养体系,2019年被批准为国家级“一流本科专业”建设点。本专业依托国家 “双一流”建设学科材料物理与化学、超常条件材料物理与化学教育部重点实验室和陕西省空间材料科学与技术实验室,拥有一支包括院士、杰青在内的高水平师资队伍,现有专任师资30人,其中教授13人、研究员1人、副教授8人。本专业的特色是以空间材料科学、智能材料物理、低维材料物理等学科前沿方向为引领,使学生在掌握材料科学基本原理与技术的同时,掌握坚实的物理学理论与方法,具备在材料物理科学研究领域和工程技术领域开拓创新的能力。

The major of Materials Physics was established in 1999 as a characteristic major of Shaanxi Province. Now, it has formed a complete talent training system from bachelor's, master's and doctor's degree in the field of materials physics. In 2019, it was approved as a national first-class Undergraduate Major. The course of relying on the national "double top" construction materials physics and chemistry, material physics and chemistry of Ministry of Education key laboratory of exceptional conditions and space material science and technology laboratory, shaanxi province has a including academicians, changjiang scholars, and all the high level teaching staff, the existing full-time teachers of 30 people, including 13 professors, researchers, 1 person, 8 associate professors. The professional based on the characteristics of space materials science, intelligent materials such as physics, low dimensional materials physics discipline front is in the lead, so that students in mastering the basic principle of materials science and technology at the same time, master solid physics theory and method, have in the field of material physical science and engineering technology innovation ability.


Core Courses

物理化学 Physical Chemistry

材料结构与性能 Structure and properties of materials

材料分析与测试技术 Material analysis and testing Technology

液态金属结构与性质 Structure and properties of liquid metals

材料物理基础 Fundamentals of material physics

非晶与准晶态物理 Amorphous and quasicrystalline physics

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