Microelectronic Science and Engineering(Chinese)-School of Microelectronics

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Microelectronic Science and Engineering

学院 School:微电子学院 School of  Microelectronics



The introduction of Major


Microelectronic Science and Engineering cultivates top-notch innovative talents who have good innovative practice quality and ability and can engage in scientific research, engineering design and application development in high-tech fields such as semiconductor integrated circuit, electronic information, communication, control and artificial intelligence.

Microelectronic Science and Engineering is a discipline developed on the basis of physics, chemistry, optics, electronics, material science, computer science, integrated circuit design and manufacturing and ultra clean, ultra pure and ultra-fine processing technology.


Core Courses

集成电路设计与实现 Integrated circuit design and Implementation

微电子制造工艺概论 Introduction to microelectronic manufacturing technology

集成电路版图设计 IC Mask Design

硬件描述语言与FPGA技术 Hardware description language and FPGA Technology

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